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Whitney Electrical & Solar specialise in all SolarEdge installations, including single phase inverters, 3 phase inverters, storedge inverters, EV inverter integrated chargers and also the installation of power optimisers.  We couple these systems with our LG solar panels. Capture

What are the Benefits of a SolarEdge Solar System? 

  • Increase Energy Output with Power Optimisers - the SolarEdge power optimiser is connected to each solar panel. Optimisers increase energy output from solar systems by constantly tracking the maximum power point (MPPT) of each individual panel.
  • Monitor Individual Panel Performance - the SolarEdge monitoring platform provides enhanced performance monitoring through immediate fault detection and alerts at the panel level, string level and system level.
  • Scalable with Your Future - ability to easily add further panels in the future if your demand for power increases, such as having another child, installing a spa bath/pool, purchasing an electric vehicle or adding battery storage.
  • Trusted Safety and Warranty - SolarEdge optimisers eliminate power mismatch between panels and come with a 25-year warranty, while inverters come with standard 12-year warranty, which is extendable to 20-25 years for a fee.

SolarEdge Power Optimisers

SolarEdge’s power optimisation technology maximises output from every optimised panel in the solar array. Power optimizers mitigate poor panel performance resulting from:

optimiser underperformance

Some of the key features to installing power optimisers to your SolarEdge system are:

optimiser continued article photo 1
  • Per-panel Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT), with MPPT per two panels using commercial power optimisers
  • Superior efficiency (99.5% peak efficiency, 98.8% weighted efficiency)
  • Mitigates all types of panels mismatch-loss, from manufacturing tolerance, to partial shading and aging
  • Designed for extreme environmental conditions
  • 25-year reliability and warranty
  • Advanced, real-time performance measurement
  • Automatic panel DC voltage shutdown for installer and firefighter safety
  • Connected by installers to c-Si, thin-film, and high current (including bi-facial) panels
  • Available as frame mounted in advance, for quicker installation

For more information on the SolarEdge range of power optimisers check out the SolarEdge optimiser webpage.

solaredge optimiser webpage

SolarEdge Inverters 

The SolarEdge inverter is essentially the brains of the solar system.  It efficiently converts DC energy to AC electricity for use in your home.  The inverter also manages the systems production, battery power if a battery is installed, EV charging if an EV charger is installed, and manages your smart energy, relaying back to your monitoring platform.

inverter continued article photo 1

Some of the key features to installing a SolarEdge inverter for your solar system are:  

  • Inverters specifically designed to work with SolarEdge power optimisers 
  • Single Phase and Three Phase Inverters available
  • Superior efficiency
  • Excellent reliability with standard 12-year warranty (extendable to 20 or 25 years)
  • Small, lightweight and easy to install
  • Quick and easy inverter commissioning directly from your smartphone using the SolarEdge SetApp
  • Built-in panel-level monitoring receiver
  • Internet connection through Ethernet or wireless connectivity (using Wi-Fi, ZigBee®, or Cellular Plug-ins)
  • IP65 / NEMA 3R – suitable for outdoor and indoor installations
  • World first EV integrated inverter charger, more information on the EV integrated charger below

For more information on the SolarEdge range of inverters, check out the SolarEdge inverter webpage.

solaredge inverter webpage

SolarEdge EV Integrated Inverter Charger

Electric Vehicles are the future of our transport, they reduce our carbon footprint and aid in improving air pollution and climate change by eliminating any harmful gasses being emitted like our typical combustion engines have done for generations.

EV Charger GarageSome of the key benefits to installing a SolarEdge EV charger are: 

  • Up to four times faster than a typical Level 1 charger by combining solar and grid power for EV charging
  • Designed to work specifically with SolarEdge power optimisers
  • Record-breaking 99% efficiency and high reliability, powered by HD-Wave technology
  • Small, lightweight, and as easy to install and commission as a standard SolarEdge inverter
  • Saves space on main distribution panel to avoid potential upgrade
  • Advanced safety features, including integrated arc fault protection
  • Flexible selection of charger cable types and lengths (cable and holder ordered separately)

Homeowners enjoy seamless integration with the SolarEdge monitoring platform where they can track charging status, control vehicle charging, and set charging schedules.

For more information on SolarEdge EV inverter charger, check out the SolarEdge EV charger webpage, or to check out more information on standard EV chargers check out our Zappi charger.

solaredge ev charger webpage zappi ev charger

SolarEdge Monitoring

The monitoring provides enhanced PV performance monitoring through immediate fault detection and alerts at panel level, string level and system level.

No hardware or wiring is required to transmit data from the power optimizers to the inverter: the monitoring sensors and transmitters are built into the SolarEdge power optimizer and solar inverter, and measurement data is transmitted over the regular power lines.

Monitoring ipad screenshot

Some key features to the SolarEdge monitoring platform are: 

  • Full visibility of your system's technical performance, interactive charts and site layout 
  • Visualisation of PV production, building consumption, and self-consumption
  • Data presentation at the panel-level, string-level and system level 
  • Comprehensive site-level analysis tools with an option to schedule automatic reports and export reports
  • Automatic alerts on system issues
  • Remote troubleshooting and access to real-time system data and guided root-cause fault analysis
  • High resolution data, including historical and aggregated views with comparative analysis diagnostics
  • Easy access from a computer, smartphone, or tablet (IOS & Android compatible)
  • Multiple options for social sharing and public display to drive referrals and generate leads
  • Free for system lifetime

For more information on SolarEdge monitoring, check out the SolarEdge monitoring webpage.

solaredge monitoring webpage

If you have any questions or queries about what system is best suited to your life style and budget, give us a call on (03) 6285 2151 OR send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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