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Hot Water Services

The latest technology in water heating, heat pumps are an efficient method of heating your water. Varying greatly from traditional solar hot water systems, hot water heat pumps look much like traditional electric hot water heaters, and extract heat from the surrounding Tasmanian air. This heat is then used as the energy source to heat the water.

Heat Pump Hot Water systems do not need direct sunshine to operate and will produce hot water in all Hobart weather and the efficiency could slash your water heating costs by up to 75%.

These systems work by using a 'heat-exchange' system, by using the outside air and transforming it to heat the water in the cylinder.  The air from the outside is drawn into the system by a fan which then turns the systems refrigerant from a liquid into a gas inside the heat pumps piping system.  The compressor component of the system then compresses this gas, and as a result it generates a large amount of heat which is then transferred to the water section of the system and heats the water, ready for use inside your home. 


An air-sourced heat pump absorbs heat from the air and transfers it to heat water. It runs on electricity but is roughly three times more efficient than a conventional electric water heater. It is designed to save energy and money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Some of the great features of the Sanden heat pump hot water system are:

  • Industry leading energy efficiency using only 20% of the energy required by an electric storage hot water system, save up to 80% of your hot water energy costs
  • Innovative technology - up to 50% faster heat recovery than currently available Hot Water Heat Pumps
  • Perfect to use with Off-Peak Electricity for even more savings
  • Split system for ease of installation and near silent operation

For more information on the Sanden range of Heat Pump Hot Water Systems, download the product brochure. 

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Reclaim Energy

Offering glass lined and stainless steel tanks the Reclaim Energy CO2 Heat pump caters for all Australian conditions and environments.  So no matter where you live reclaim will have a solution to suit your needs.
  • Energy savings - up to 80% energy savings, up to 5 times more efficient than electric hot water tanks
  • Australian designed - custom designed for Australian conditions and environment
  • Individualised systems - custom programmed to your family needs and our changing seasons
  • Built-in - frost, freeze, and legionella control

For more information on the Reclaim range of Heat Pump Hot Water Systems, download the product brochure. 



iStore’s dynamic efficiency can reduce your hot water heating costs by up to 70%, utilising intelligent technology which converts air into hot water via the transfer of thermal energy.


Some of the great features to the iStore combined tank and compressor hot water service are:

  • Reduce heating costs by up to 70%
  • Economical - the iStore boasts 4 intelligent operating modes adapting to all situations, including a hybrid mode for when additional guests are staying in your home and a vacation mode for when you are away on holidays
  • Optimal Design - external wrap around all copper heating coil and dual anodes for superior system longevity
  • Easy to install - the iStore is easy and quick to install
  • Money and Energy savings - heating water for the home accounts for up to 30 % of the total energy usage for the average Australian household. iStore can reduce CO2emissions by up to 4 tonnes

For more information on the iStore range of Heat Pump Hot Water Systems, download the product brochure. 

ISTORE Brochure Download




 Enviroheat HPHW




The Enviroheat series has an advanced control system that is feature packed and above all, easy to use. 

Some of the great features are:

  • Save up to 71% in energy when compared to a conventional water heater
  • Programable - It can be programmed to maximise the use of rooftop solar power systems
  • Sanitisation - the automatic sanitation feature ensures that your family is safe from legionella and other water borne bacteria
  • Quiet operation - whisper quiet operation

For more information on the Enviroheat range of Heat Pump Hot Water Systems, download the product brochure. 

Enviroheat Brochure Download



Neopower evacuated tube solar collectors capture more sunlight as they have a greater surface area exposed to the sun at any time, can be used in subzero temperatures, are durable, and provide excellent performance in overcast conditions.  Neopower Evacauted tube collectors come with a 15 Year Warranty.

neopower continued photo cropped

Some of the features to the Neopower evactauted tube solar hot water service are:

  • Conservation - 80% Annual Energy Savings
  • Efficiency - frost tolerant by design Rated to -15 Degrees C
  • Aesthetics - Sleek, black collector for neutral aesthetic, looks great on any roof
  • Impact resistance - evacuated tubes undergo the same rigorous impact testing
  • Independant operation - No plumber needed, no downtime, no leaking
  • Reliability - controller displays tank and collector temperature. Fault codes for easy diagnostics
  • Longevity - nickel dipped copper heat pipe. Powder-coated aluminium collector frame & manifold

For more information on the Neopower Evacuated Tube Hot Water Systems, download the product brochure.

neopower Brochure Download




At Whitney Electrical and Solar, we supply and install a range of Hot Water Systems including Reclaim Energy, Sanden, IStore and Neopower.  For more information on a system to suit your lifestyle and budget please use the download buttons for the various systems brochures, OR contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (03) 6285 2151 for more information.

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