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Electric Vehicle Chargers

At Whitney Electrical and Solar, we offer two EV Charging options, Zappi and also the SolarEdge EV intergrated inverter. 

The Zappi EV charger is a great add on for both those with solar installations and for those without, as it will use grid power, or solar production, or both to charge your vehicle.

Our second option is the SolarEdge EV intergrated inverter which is perfect for those with an existing SolarEdge optimised solar system and those looking to install an optimised solar system as it means saving the need to install both a solar inverter and an EV charger separately.  It will utilise the systems excess solar production to charge your vehicle, only taking from the grid if there is not an excess supply from the solar production.  If you have an existing solar system installed that is not SolarEdge, please contact us to discuss an EV charger best suited to your lifestyle and solar system. 

Zappi EV Charger

Zappi has special eco charging modes which will benefit homeowners with grid-tied microgeneration systems, such as solar generation, however can be used with just a grid connected power supply as it is an AC coupled charger.  The charging current is automatically and continually adjusted in response to on-site generation and household power consumption. 

zappi more info photo

Zappi EV Charger Photo

Some of the features of the Zappi EV charger are:

  • 3 charging modes: ECO, ECO+ & FAST 
  • Optimises microgeneration self-consumption
  • Works with solar PV or wind turbine systems
  • Economy tariff sense input
  • Programmable timer function
  • Charge and event logging
  • Pin-code lock function
  • Built-in RCD protection
  • Integral cable holster
  • Remote control and monitoring add-on option
  • Supplied with clip-on grid current sensor


For more information on the Zappi range of EV charging systems, download the product brochure.  

ZAPPI EV Charging Brochure Download

Myenergi Hub

myenergi hub

The myenergi Hub provides internet connection to your other myenergi devices, such as the Zappi Ev Charger, making them 'smart'.  The Hub is required if you wish to monitor your myenergi products via the myenergi app.

    • Remotley control and monitor your myenergi devices 
    • Access to the latest firmware updates
    • Status LEDs - show if energy if being diverted by your myenergi products 
    • Will support time of use tariffs in the near future

Hub Brochure Download

Myenergi App

Use in conjunction with the myenergi Hub to monitor your myenergi products such as your Zappi EV charger.

myenergi app

myenergi app

SolarEdge EV Intergrated Inverter Charger

Another option we offer for EV charging is our SolarEdge EV intergrated inverter charger, this is the worlds first EV charging inverter. 

SolarEdge EV Charger Photo

Key benefits to this charger are: solaredge ev charger stock photo   Copy

  • Sun and grid power for 4 X faster charging than standard EV chargers using home power
  • Intergrated EV charger and PV inverter
  • An EV-ready solution, compatible with multiple EV connectors
  • Maximises self-consumption by using excess PV for EV charging
  • Built-in meter enables separate tracking of EV power usage for visibility and control
  • 12-year warranty, extendable to 20 or 25 years
  • Demand-Response ready

SolarEdge will be releasing a standalone EV charging option late 2021.  More information on this will updated once it is released. 

For more information on the SolarEdge range of EV charging systems, download the product brochure. 

SOLAREDGE EV Charging Brochure Download

At Whitney Electrical and Solar, we supply and install a range of EV Chargers.

For more information on a system to suit your lifestyle and budget please use the download buttons for the various systems brochures, OR contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (03) 6285 2151 for more information. 

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