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How Will Installing Solar Help Now Lifestyles Are Changing? 

Reduce your energy bills

As the colder months creep in throughout Tassie and we start adapting to working and schooling from home more often means we are consuming more energy during the middle of the day (peak solar generation time).  If a solar system is installed, the energy produced from the system will be used, limiting the amount of power bought from network providers.

Below are two examples that show the changes in lifestyle as we go from working away from home, to working from home.  You can see the red consumption spike during the middle of the day is larger in the second image, which is mostly covered by the solar production.  This means, the new expenses incurred by using more power during peak energy production, will mostly be covered by the solar system.

phil 1 title

phil 4 titlePay your system back quicker

Spending more time at home and using the energy that your solar system produces during the day, means that the increase in energy consumption is less likely to be reflected in your power bill.  In other words, increased savings on your quarterly power bills.  This means that the more solar energy you consume, you will be speeding up your return on investment, which will bring your break-even point closer than before and allow you to start enjoying free energy!

How To Best Utilise What Your System Produces:

  • Installing a timer on hot water system/s.  Hot water timers installed with a solar system will allow you to take advantage of the peak and off-peak rates in the 'time of use' Tariff 93. Tariff 93 combines your conventional tariff 31 (lights and power) and tariff 41 (heating & hot water systems) and gives you usage for both 'off-peak' and 'on-peak' times.  Tariff 93's off-peak rate is lower than the original tariffs, yet the on-peak rate is higher, this is where installing timers on systems like your hot water service will come in handy as you can utilise those cheaper rates when your solar system isn't covering it completely. 
  • 'Delayed start’ cycle.  Setting certain appliances like our dishwasher and washing machines so they are operating during peak energy production means you can utilise the power generated by your solar system. 
  • Heating schedules.  Setting a heating/cooling cycle to kick in during peak energy production times to a set temperature so that the Air Conditioner is not working hard to heat or cool a house when the sun is no longer out.
  • Create a 'smart home'.  Investing in Smart Home Technology, this gives you the power to control home appliances to work during peak energy production, via internet if you are not at home.

The general rule of thumb in achieving the maximum savings with your solar system is when you reduce what you buy from network providers and consume what your system produces.

Is Going Solar An Option For You? 

The impact that Covid-19 has brought to families and businesses across the state has widely been felt through a financial pinch as we all become more cautious of our spending.  How do you know if installing a solar system is right for you?  We recommend asking yourself these few questions.

  • Do you own your home?
  • Do you see yourself in this house long-term?
  • Does your household have energy consumption that can be offset during the day?
  • Do have invested money that is not delivering the returns it once did prior to the pandemic?
  • If you do not have available savings, are you in the financial position to borrow? 

If the above apply to your current lifestyle, investing in solar could be an option for you.  Currently, in Tasmania more than 37,000 households and businesses have solar systems installed on their roofs (Clean Energy Regulator Gov, 2020).  It is expected that by 2025 this number will grow to over 40,000, an increase of 8% in installations over the space of three years as more Tasmanian families and businesses move to a renewable energy source (State Growth, 2018).

Thinking Of Installing Solar: Let’s Talk Peace Of Mind

At Whitney Electrical and Solar we pride ourselves on using high quality systems installed to a high standard, our LG Solar panels offer peace of mind with a 25-year manufactures and performance warranty, way past the time you will have broken even on your installation.  Our SolarEdge Inverters offer a 12-year manufacturer’s warranty and at Whitney Electrical and Solar we back our installs with a 7-year workmanship warranty. That way you can be sure to see the savings on your energy bills with peace of mind that your equipment is up to the task.

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