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One of our clients came to us with a poor quality system that needed replacing.  The client had two separate systems already installed, we removed the poor quality panels from one system that showed burn damage, and other signs of fire risk.  We replaced them with LG 350w NeON 2 panels coupled with a SolarEdge inverter. 

SolarEdge's flexibility allowed us to incorporate the existing non-damaged panels inside the SolarEdge system through the use of optimisers. This enabled our client to have all 6.34kW of roof top solar panels under the one solar inverter and one monitoring system.  

The new SolarEdge system we installed has a 12-year inverter warranty and 25-year optimiser warranty.  The LG Panels we installed come with 25-year product and 25-year performance warranties. 

Below are photos of the damaged panels, in comparison to the client's new system installed by Whitney Electrical and Solar.

faulty panel install blog

Optimisers: What Are They?

The SolarEdge power optimisers increase energy output from solar systems by constantly tracking the maximum power point (MPPT) of each panel individually.

Optimisers SolarEdge

This makes sense to a solar expert but may mean very little to the everyday person learning about solar for the first time.  Let us first start by explaining some of the core components of solar systems.

Panels are installed in something called 'string/s', this is where the current power output starts at panel ‘A’ and moves through the string loop until it reaches the last panel in that string, continuing down to the inverter.  On a solar system where optimisers are not installed, if any panel is underperforming due to an issue such as shading, then all other panels in that string will be brought down to that reduced performance level. 

This is where optimisers are of great benefit as they allow each panel to operate independently at their full potential without being affected by any other panel issues.  Put simply, optimisers allow all panels to operate individually and give you panel level performance and monitoring available on desktop, IOS and Android.  Effectively turning them into smart panels. 

Monitoring your panels performance is a great way to maximise your solar production, as the greatest savings can be made when you consume what your system produces.  Optimisers also give you the flexibility to increase your system size for whatever the future might entail, for reasons such as, purchasing an electric vehicle, or adding battery storage, installing a spa bath/pool or having more people living in the house.  This flexibility is achieved by optimisers allowing panels of any wattage to be added to your system and not be restricted by original panel size. 

For more information regarding SolarEdge optimisers, download our product brochure or visit the SolarEdge webpage.

solaredge optimiser brochure solaredge optimiser webpage

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If you have an outdated solar system you want replaced, or are looking at having a system installed for the first time please call or email our expert solar team today with any queries you may have.

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